AGT Greenhouse is a finalist for the prestigious Edison Award, in the
category of Energy and Sustainability.

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AGT Hybrid Greenhouse

Dramatically slash your ongoing operating energy bills with
our Natural Earth Air System.

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Save Up to 80% in Energy Costs

Existing greenhouses can take one to two years to deliver. AGT Greenhouses are built
in the USA and can be fully up and running within only 6 months.

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Delivery in Only 4 Months

AGT Greenhouse Base Model 160/360/21 starts at $40/sqf

Get the most technologically advanced greenhouse at a price significantly lower than traditional greenhouses.

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Slash Your Energy Costs

Energy can be one of the highest recurring operating costs for greenhouses, especially in desert climates. Air conditioning to cool temperatures from 120 degrees requires massive power. New greenhouses may even require new power transformers to be constructed, further delaying your business. Only AGT Greenhouses use a Natural Air Earth System to draw cool air from below, reducing your energy bills by up to 80%.

Quick Delivery & Construction

Traditional greenhouses, both domestic and offshore vendors have wait times anywhere from 1 to 2 years. Delays mean lost revenue and business opportunities for you. AGT Greenhouses are built in the USA using common galvanized framing. This means you could have a new greenhouse up and running within only 6 months. Get a huge jump on your competitors, and get your products quicker to market.

AGT Greenhouse Base Model 160/360/21 starts at $40/sq.ft

Considering how many advanced patent-pending technologies our greenhouses have, you’d be excused for thinking our prices would be higher than our competitors. They are not. AGT Greenhouses can be designed and built at a price that is significantly lower than existing greenhouses. Lower upfront capital expenditures mean more money to inject back into the business.

Cleanroom Technology – Solar Daylighting – Sleek Futuristic Designs

AGT Hybrid Greenhouses draw upon 35 years of design/build innovation and 20 years of outdoor crop production to bring commercial growers the most technologically advanced hybrid greenhouses on the market.

Our patent-pending design uses the same cleanroom technology as pharmaceutical production, replacing the traditional greenhouse with a modern, insulated, sealed and secure cleanroom laboratory with variable solar daylighting control.

It is the perfect option for high-value and experimental plant operations, including cannabis, new hybrids, bio algae research and natural daylighting laboratories, as well as growing in cold climates or barren environments.

  • The sealed, cleanroom laboratory environment guarantees the purity and safety of crops.
  • Natural Earth Air Systems help maintain your ideal growing temperature.
  • Our sleek, futuristic designs mean quick city approvals.
  • Daylighting control ensures optimal lighting at any time of the day.
  • Patent-pending oil bath fans eliminate airborne contaminates.
  • Sealed air cavity provides superior insulation suitable for all climates.
  • Reflective coating amplifies natural daylight.
  • Flexible layout allows for alternative uses such as office space, recreation, research, manufacturing.

There’s simply no other greenhouse on the market that can compare.

Contact us today to learn more about how an AGT Hybrid Greenhouse can transform your growing.



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AGT Technologies, LLC is a military and private design/build contracting firm with over 40 years experience.

AGT Technologies, LLC’s specialized construction includes both private and military construction projects, AGT Hybrid Greenhouses, Naturalite Buildings, warehouses, multi-story office buildings, industrial manufacturing buildings with mezzanines and bridge crane material handling systems, flight simulator structures, freight terminals, refrigerated cold storage, indoor boat storage with multi-story dry storage boat slips, medical facilities, international border crossing structures and distribution of metal buildings globally.