Introducing the Next-Generation of Greenhouses  -  Cleanroom Technology – Solar Daylighting – Sleek Futuristic Designs.


AGT Hybrid Greenhouses remove worries about traditional greenhouse issues such as:

• Zoning Problems
• Cross-Contamination
• High Energy Costs
• Security
• Construction Logistics




AGT Hybrid Greenhouses are fully customizable to meet your grow operation’s needs, with optional features that include:

• Natural Wind Movement
• Adjustable Artificial Light Source
• Refractor Panels
• Electronic Glazing Daylighting Control
• Cloud Cover Hazing in Sealed Air Cavity
• Louver Daylighting Control
• Draping Daylighting Control



Top Features


AGT Hybrid Greenhouses are designed so that each grow room can be independently sealed. This assures that cross-pollination does not occur. With state and federal standards tightening regarding product purity, our cleanroom greenhouses ensure complete sterile environments.

Natural Earth Air Systems – Uses the natural core earth temperature to cool or warm the air depending on the outdoor climate. The nominal temperature in these submerged air chambers is 60 degrees, no matter if it is 30 degrees below zero or 120 degrees outside at ground level.

Onsite Electric Power Generation Systems – The entire system is of our own proprietary design, a cogeneration system including a natural gas fired back up engine with generator. A thermal powered engine with generator and natural gas-powered engine with generator.

Say goodbye to ugly greenhouses that are eyesores to city regulators, and say hello to gorgeous, sleek, modern structures that any city will happily approve. With over 35 years designing and developing structures, Ancon can create an architectural appearance that is appealing and accepted by building departments holding to strict aesthetic standards.Traditional greenhouses at that level are generally rejected.

Air cavity and grow room air flow is managed by proprietary oil bath fans containing a series of oil laden filters and traps to eliminate airborne contaminates. Intake air is drawn from a perforated underground pipe system, introducing natural earth air filtration, cooling and heating.

Galvanized conventional open web framing produces a clean and bright finish. Galvanizing or equal industrial coating is required due to the moisture laden climate. Conventional framing simplifies construction and supports a large labor pool of qualified workmen, especially for large scale build-outs. In contrast, the labor pool is scarce for traditional greenhouse assembly, simply due to the unorthodox framing systems.

In large growing operations, the use of natural daylighting is the answer to burgeoning electric bills associated with indoor growing. Over time, energy savings will equal the construction cost of a natural daylight greenhouse. Growers not employing natural daylighting will eventually find their profits being eliminated by high energy costs.

Floors and elevated grow platforms are topped with a reflective coating to amplify natural daylighting and have reflective panels to direct light under the plant plume, accelerating plant growth. Divider walls and doors separating individual growing rooms are transparent to minimize sun shading.


AGT Technologies, LLC is a military and private design/build contracting firm with over 40 years experience.

AGT Technologies, LLC’s specialized construction includes both private and military construction projects, AGT Hybrid Greenhouses, Naturalite Buildings, warehouses, multi-story office buildings, industrial manufacturing buildings with mezzanines and bridge crane material handling systems, flight simulator structures, freight terminals, refrigerated cold storage, indoor boat storage with multi-story dry storage boat slips, medical facilities, international border crossing structures and distribution of metal buildings globally.